It's harder for high blood pressure patients to buy cold medicine over the counter because they need to be careful which one they choose. Coricidin was produced as a cold medicine for people with high blood pressure to help them with this decision. The danger of a regular cold medicine for a high blood pressure patient is the decongestant that's inside, as this can increase their blood pressure rate even further. If the high blood pressure is not treated in a timely manner, it can significantly worsen other problems the patient is also dealing with.

Patients who are not on a daily aspirin routine will see that cold treatments are more effective when taken. If your doctor says that you do need to take aspirin regularly though, ask him about Coricidin as an alternate cold treatment to see what he or she recommends. 

When your doctor has told you that you have glaucoma, you need to avoid cold medications that may contain loratadine, cetirizine, or diphenhydramine. Coricidin has this to claim as another reason why it's different from other over the counter products that are not safe for high blood pressure patients. 

If a cough medication label has the abbreviation "DM" on it, this is a sign that it's safer for high blood pressure patients. If the patient is suffering from a sore throat or dryness, then this medication will relieve those symptoms as well. Cold medications that have phenylphrine, oxymetazoline and pseudoephedrine should also be avoided in any cold medications that are purchased. In times when your doctor is out of reach, talk to the pharmacist to see what they recommend with your current symptoms. 

There is good news and that's that coricidin cold and cough supplies variations of alternate cold treatments that are all safe for high blood pressure patients. To get more information on them, it only takes a quick visit to their website where you can see a side-by-side comparison of all the treatment choices. It doesn't matter whether you're suffering from a huge body ache, a cough that won't quit or a runny nose, there is a treatment you can find that won't increase your blood pressure more than it already is. 

With the approval of the American Heart Association, this is proof that experienced doctors have analyzed this medication and found it to be safe for all high blood pressure patients. Even patients who have dealt with terrible side effects in the past can relax knowing this is safe and will help them recover quickly from a cold, rather than deal with it longer on top of their high blood pressure issues. Make sure you ask them any questions you still have and definitely do not change your current regimen unless you get their suggestions before doing so.



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